Erotica Stories Publications

Erotica is stimulating works of art or stories that explore the sexual aspects of literature. The word erotica is a fairly new one to describe the high art of sexual pictures or publications for adults to discern from regular pornography. For fine erotica stories visit our site and get premium publications of stories regarding sexual liaisons, and affairs that will excite and stimulate you until the last page. We have erotica free books as well that run the line of mainstream publications that run as erotica-lite with tales that are as effective as television movies. Our books are made for adult pleasure and sold to adults only.

Our other forms of erotica are pictures contained in magazines or books of the tasteful kind filled with images of men and women in artistically posed situations. The flip side of the erotica coin, pornography are very explicit with little regard for the couple involved and are primarily concerned with the physical outcome. The erotica pictures that we sell are tasteful illustrations of the human body with little to find offensive or misogynistic. We have vintage erotica pictures that highlight the female form from the days of the 1930's. Many of these illustrations are coupled with erotica stories for a more enjoyable experience.

If you are looking for exciting erotica stories and enticing illustrations visit our site and take a look at our inventory. We have publications and illustrations for both men and women guaranteed to stimulate your senses and entice you. Buy Dildo